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Reflective plush toys

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Keychain - plush toy - green bunny

19,89 PLN nr: SAL43450-RABBITGREEN

Keychain - plush toy - pink bunny

19,89 PLN nr: SAL43450-RABBITPINK

Keychain - plush toy - blue bunny

19,89 PLN nr: SAL43450-RABBITBLUE

Keychain - plush toy - blue bunny BUNNY

19,89 PLN nr: SAL43450-BUNNYBLUE

Keychain - reflective plush toy - Cow

19,89 PLN nr: SAL43450-OX

Keychain - reflective plush toy - Piggy

19,89 PLN nr: SAL43450-PIG

Reflective plush toys


The safety tags for school backpacks - 3M reflective mascots are made entirely from certified reflective material and reflect vehicle light with their entire surface. 
The funny patterns of animals encourage children to use them with the school backpacks. 

The children do not have to remember about the reflectors - it is sufficient to attach them once to the schoolback pack. 
The light reflection effect is perfect, a gray mascot at daytime shines with striking white light at night making the user safer in the road traffic. 
The mascots can be freely marked. 
The examples of overprints are presented below. 

All mascots meet the requirements of reflective EN13356.